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Prisoner X

Mondays 9.30pm | TV ONE

About the show

Monday at 9.30pm

Comedian Joe Pasquale serves a week's sentence in San Rafael jail, Costa Rica.

About Prisoner X

This ambitious and compelling series will see a raft of celebrity presenters including Jack Osbourne, Toby Young and Will Mellor unceremoniously placed in the hostile environment that are the world's harshest prisons, institutions infamous for the toughness of their regime and the menace of their inmates.

Each celebrity will be exposed to different, but equally unforgiving surroundings, characterised by regimes from gang warfare to a system that brutally breaks criminals down, with the intention of building them back up again as law-abiding citizens.

As well as being banged up and experiencing first hand the life of an inmate, the presenters will meet hardened murderers, rapists, arsonists and armed robbers who will die in jail, and delve into their dark pasts.

They'll hear of lives wasted and families torn apart by senseless crimes, and try to discover how inmates cope with a life behind bars.

But it's not just these insights the presenters are looking for.

From personal demons to tough upbringings, each has their own compelling reason for being locked up, explored in full with dramatic results in each gripping episode.