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About the Show

Multi-award winning monster hit Primeval roars back to screens, and one year on from the death of Johnson, the team faces fresh questions, a new boss, new recruits, a new ARC base and even more terrifying creatures.

Be afraid...

With the disappearance of three key ARC personnel (Danny, Connor and Abby) and the death of Johnson, it seems the government has lost faith in Lester's abilities to run such a dangerous operation on his own.

The ARC is now in the hands of a public/private partnership, part-owned by the government, and partly by entrepreneurial scientist Philip Burton.

And as with any public/private partnership, there's tension over who's really in charge.

Following Connor, Abby and Danny's loss, the ARC found new recruits to take their place, but, by design, every last one of them is ex-military.

No more civilians in the field - not after the tragedies of the last few years.

Team leader Matt is more than an ex-soldier - hes an ethologist, with an uncanny ability to understand animals.

He may be heroic, but he is also incredibly private and there's mystery surrounding his background.

Jess now facilitates the team's operations from the ARC Control Centre - highly efficient and organised, her work ethic is second to none; but at heart she's still a girly girl with an unrequited crush on Becker.

Becker resigned from the military when the ARC was destroyed, and has lived with a sense of responsibility for the original team going missing.

He now works as a private soldier for Philip's organisation, in command of what might be called Philip's 'private army'.

They come complete with new uniforms and, most importantly to Matt, new tasers known as EMDs (electro-muscular disruption weapons) which avoid killing the creatures.

Meanwhile, in the year they spent stranded in the Cretaceous, Connor and Abby have become closer in every sense and are now very much in love.

But their time in this prehistoric world has taken its toll...

Danny, however, remains missing in action, and when he does eventually return, the information he has about Helen Cutter will have a profound effect on the team...

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