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Postman Pat - Special Delivery Service

Daily at 12 noon | Kidzone24

Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service

Postman Pat

For over 28 years, Postman Pat has delivered enchanting entertainment to the delight of young children around the world.

In his latest series, Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service (SDS), everyone's favourite postman delivers more than ever!

With his new and demanding job as Head of SDS, it's Postman Pat as you have never seen him before. 

This well-deserved promotion means that Postman Pat will now be called on by the SDS to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere! 

With his faithful companion Jess the Cat, Pat proves that he can be relied on to deliver ... on time, every time!

Postman Pat SDS features an expanded and diverse cast, a fleet of new vehicles, the new town of Pencaster, and action-packed storylines, all of which combine to create a new high-energy series whilst preserving the heritage and integrity of this much-loved icon.