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Weight loss tips for your pet

There are many ways that you can help your pet to lose weight.

  • Do not feed them table scraps

  • Do not feed them more than the daily recommended serving of the food you are using. Ask your vet for details or read the information on the pack or can

  •  Divide the daily recommended serving into smaller meals and feed them to your pet throughout the day

  •  Keep your pet away from family meals and when preparing meals

  •  If you have more than one pet, feed them separately

  •  Don't leave food lying around for them to graze on during the day or over night

  •  Once their bowl is empty do not top it up - if they appear to still be hungry, make sure they have water and give them some affection rather than food

  •  Introduce any new food gradually over a week or so, or let your pet choose the new food themselves

  •  Set goals for you and your pet - your target weight, menu plan and exercise programme

  •  Exercise with your pet, especially if you can put them on a lead

Does Your Pet Need to Lose Weight?

Choosing the right food is important for both owners and pets that need to lose weight.

  •  Choose foods that are low calorie and low fat to promote weight loss

  •  Choose foods that are high in dietary fibre t reduce hunger and discourage begging

  •  Remember that you pet as particular nutritional and exercise needs, ask your vet for advise

Exercising Your Pet

  •  Exercise is an essential part of any weight loss and weight maintenance programme for you and your pet and you can both benefit from following some simple guidelines.

  •  Start slowly as most overweight pets are also unfit. Warm up to your goal and increase the level of exercise gradually as both you and your pet's fitness levels improve.

  •  Not over do it - doing too much too soon could further damage your pets health

  •  Make it fun for both you and your pet

  •  For pets such as dogs and horses, join a club where there are regular obedience or schooling lessons

  •  Exercising a cat might seem impossible but it is as simple as giving them toys to play with and chase around -by themselves or in your company

    For further information on diet and exercise for both humans and pets checkout these websites: