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Pops Ultimate Star

"I didn't know who they were"

"When I first got here I didn't know who the hell they were," laughs Emily, talking about the judges on Pop's Ultimate Star, the day after she was eliminated.

Emily said she was really surprised when she found out Jordan had originally sang the song David covered during the show Why Does Love Do This To Me?

"I don't think I was even born in the same year they were famous," she laughed.

"But I get it now," she said, saying how the judges had won her respect over her time in the show.

She said she was happy and excited about her future after her shock elimination last night, when she sang against Nik in the elimination challenge.

"The judges made a good call last night on song choice," she said.

"Nik's song was much stronger."

She was really pleased at how well she had done in the competition. "For a girl that nobody knew at all &. The public knew who everyone was except me."

After coming second in Australian Idol she wasn't sure how big Pop's Ultimate Star would be, but she wanted to come home to New Zealand.

Now it was back to the studio in Australia, where she would get to work on her second album, due to be released before Christmas. She hoped it would be released in New Zealand as well, but was unsure at this stage.

One of the best things about the show was the chance to catch up again with her childhood friend Matt. The two of them grew up together, she said.

"We had lost contact for the last five years. (The show) brought us back together."

Leaving Matt was the hardest part of the show. "I hope he takes it out."