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Tonga PM calls for soft approach with Fiji

Published: 12:46PM Tuesday May 19, 2009 Source: Newstalk ZB

A crack has emerged in the hard line being taken against Fiji, with the Tongan Prime Minister suggesting a softly-softly approach should be tried with the troublesome republic.

Fiji has recently been suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum but Tongan Prime Minister Feleti Seveli, who's been holding talks with Prime Minister John Key on Tuesday , says there's little point isolating Fiji.

Seveli says Fiji needs help now.

He says it should be given time to ponder the implications of its current situation.

The alternative is to cut off links with Fiji and ostracise the country, which he says would be pointless with an acceptable Government being restored there at some stage.

Seveli seemed to indicate he's now willing to wait until 2014 for a return to democracy in Fiji, a timeframe John Key is unhappy with.