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Surge in support for National - poll

Published: 7:00PM Sunday February 23, 2014 Source: ONE News

The first political poll of the year has shown a huge boost in support for the Government, with Labour and the Greens not faring so well.

The ONE News Colmar Brunton survey shows National has surged six points to 51% support.

Labour remains steady at 34%, its plan to target families with a baby bonus not yet bearing fruit.

Meanwhile National's election year pitch of boosting teacher performance is proving popular.

But the Prime Minister says his party won't rest on its laurels, or on the tailwind of a booming economy.

"It's a good poll but we need to be cautious," John Key says. "There will be a lot of polls before the election they will bounce around a lot."

For the Greens, Russel Norman's liaisons with Kim Dotcom may be proving dangerous for the party, which is down five points to 8%.

New Zealand First is down one point to 3%, while the Conservatives and Maori Party remain steady on 1%.

When translated into seats in the house, National would be able to govern alone with 64 seats. The centre left block would be able to muster only 55 seats.

John Key continues to ride high with voters, with 43% voting him preferred prime minister, compared to Labour leader David Cunliffe, who has slipped 2 points to 10%.

"You are going to get rough patches where there is rough water," he says. "The last couple of weeks haven't been the easiest."

But he doesn't doubt he still has his party's confidence.

"I'm absolutely confident I have the support of my whole caucus and we are going together to win the election."

The poll surveyed just over 1000 eligible voters, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1%.