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Smacking debate returns to parliament

Published: 1:10PM Wednesday August 26, 2009 Source: Newstalk ZB

Just when National was hoping the smacking debate would start to die down, it is about to ramp back up again.

Act MP John Boscawen's private members bill has drawn from the ballot box.

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The purpose of the bill is to repeal and replace section 59 of the Crimes Act 1961.

When it goes before the house for its first reading next month, MPs will be asked to change the law so parents will no longer be committing a criminal offence if they use reasonable force to correct their children's behaviour.

The bill also aims to set clear limits on what is reasonable force.

The bill's drawing comes after the final result of the smacking referendum showed 87% of voters don't believe smacking should be a criminal offence.

Boscawen says he can see no reason why his peers would oppose the Bill.

He says more people voted in the smacking referendum than voted for MMP and that is an overwhelming endorsement for a law change.

Meanwhile, the Green's Sue Bradford says hopes Parliament will unilaterally reject the bill.

On her Twitter page, Bradford says it's unbelievable.

She says the bill is very dangerous and must be opposed at all costs and it would be a huge step backwards for the country and a real tragedy for our children.

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  • Obey Democracy said on 2009-08-28 @ 16:17 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Time to exercise some democracy and tear this illegitimate Law Down. Spread the word gather at parliament on 09/09/09 at 9am. It is time to make a stand for democracy that these creeps can't defy. It will be an asset to New Zealand for generations to come. Never again should any Political party be able to show such contempt and corruptibility to obey tiny minorities, UN dictates or whatever is operating Key. 09/09/09@9am/9pm Parliament/MPS Office or CYFS Carry signs saying "OBEY"

  • Nomanor said on 2009-08-27 @ 14:53 NZDT: Report abusive post

    1 Leading: the wording of the referendum was bias. Which I believe led people to vote against the bill. 2 Abuse: parents who actually beat their children before the bill were able to get off the assault charges on reason of "Discipline". Misinterpretation makes parents believe that actual disciplinary measures will put them in prison. 3 Resolution: Key refuses to repeal the bill and give child abusers a GOJF card and protects against innocent people getting in trouble. Key has my vote.

  • samuelpike10 said on 2009-08-26 @ 22:44 NZDT: Report abusive post

    What type country has Aotearoa become? We have elected members to parliament who do as they will and not as the people ask. I FEEL THAT WE SHOULD BILL THE COST OF THE REFERENDUM TO THE MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT. If they acted appropriately in the first place we would not be in this situation. We have lost our position as a best practice leader.

  • mcarky said on 2009-08-26 @ 21:13 NZDT: Report abusive post

    Paul Henry challenges the PM on folic acid in bread and in about a week the legislation is dropped. 88% Kiwis voice there disapproval for Sue Bradfords smacking bill, but yet it remains. I would really love to hear Paul Henry challenge the PM on this one. Why the about face? Whats the agenda?

  • klemon said on 2009-08-26 @ 20:06 NZDT: Report abusive post

    So where do we turn? Labour stank, National won't listen, all the other parties are nuts. There is pretty much no one left to vote for. I think I've just lost faith in the only country I've ever been in.