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PM admits US jet flew in spy

Published: 8:39PM Monday December 03, 2012 Source: ONE News

It seems the Prime Minister is having yet another case of brain fade over his spies, and this time a mysterious US jet parked at Wellington Airport.

After days of curiosity about the jet, which ONE News filmed on Friday, John Key has admitted it flew in a senior US spy to meet one of New Zealand's intelligence agencies.

But that is as much as the PM could remember.

"Well I have a broad idea that, why they were here. But I don't know the individual's name, I can't recall it. It may be on a piece of paper somewhere but I can't recall it," Key told reporters at his post-Cabinet news conference this afternoon.

Key previously could not recall when spies first briefed him on their interest in Kim Dotcom.

The internet mogul has taken to Twitter, speculating that the US spy may be here because of him.