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Peter Dunne returns with fresh optimism

Published: 4:39PM Tuesday June 18, 2013 Source: ONE News

Embattled MP Peter Dunne has resurfaced on social media, with a fresh sense of optimism for his future.

The United Future leader resigned as a minister 10 days ago after refusing to hand over emails to an inquiry into who leaked a report on the Government Communications Security Bureau.

He was away from Parliament last week and decided to lay low with no tweets since June 7. But today he re-emegrged and gave his 2700 followers cause to consider a brighter future.

"A magnificent rainbow over Wellington at present - I'll take it as an omen of good things tio come," he said.

Several people said it was good to see Mr Dunne back on social media, but he explained he had never really been away and had been checking the site despite his silence.