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National support holds as Labour slips in poll

Published: 7:07PM Sunday November 04, 2012 Source: ONE News

Despite the Prime Minister having had a difficult few weeks politically, Labour leader David Shearer has failed to gain traction, according to the latest ONE News/ Colmar Brunton poll.

A poll six weeks ago indicated Labour had the numbers to form a coalition, but its support has dropped two points to 32% and National is holding strong at 45%, the poll released today suggests.

John Key's popularity has been slowly dropping away since the election but 42% still want him as Prime Minister.

David Shearer is struggling on just 11% after dropping a point since the last poll, while support for Winston Peters has crept tup to 6%.

The Green Party has the support of 12% of poll respondents and New Zealand First is up considerably to 4.9%, just below the 5% threshold for parliamentary representation.

The Maori Party, Act, the Conservative Party and Mana are all struggling to register.

The latest numbers mean National would have enough votes to form a coalition.

National would get 58 seats, add three from the Maori Party and one each from Act and United Future and the centre-right would have a majority of 63.

The opposition would have just 41 seats from Labour plus 16 from the Greens and one from Mana.

Optimism about the economy is up three points, with 44% saying things will get better over the next year and 34% of people think things will get worse.