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McCully lobbying for NZ seat on UN Security Council

Published: 2:30PM Friday May 25, 2012 Source: ONE News

New Zealand's Foreign Minister Murray McCully has met with US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in Washington.

McCully has been lobbying for New Zealand to be represented on the United Nations Security Council.

In talks with Clinton for one of the ten places available on the council, Clinton said she is impressed with the campaign run by New Zealand.

"I certainly welcome New Zealand's candidacy for a non-permanent seat," she said.

At a press conference today, McCully said, "We think it is very important that smaller countries are able to achieve their opportunity to be represented on the council, and we're very proud of the way in which we've conducted ourselves as a member of the security council in the past."

The United States is one of five permanent council members.

New Zealand's last term as a non-permanent member ended in 1994.