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Kim Dotcom to speak at anti-GCSB bill meeting

Published: 5:59AM Thursday July 25, 2013 Source: ONE News

Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom and several prominent New Zealanders are preparing to speak against the GCSB bill at a public meeting in Auckland tonight.

The Stop the GCSB Bill Coalition arranged the meeting in opposition to the controversial spying legislation, which would extend the powers of the Government Communications Security Bureau to allow for it to provide support for the New Zealand Police, Defence Force and the Security Intelligence Service.

The meeting comes after United Future leader Peter Dunne confirmed that he would back the bill, giving it the numbers to pass through Parliament.

The Government won his support by agreeing to several major amendments to the bill.

But the bill remains fundamentally unchanged, Stop the GCSB Bill said in a statement.

"There is widespread concern about this bill and that concern is unabated by the 'deal' done by Peter Dunne with the National government to secure support."

Retired Supreme Court Judge Sir Edmund Thomas will chair the meeting, which will be streamed live due to the "level of interest".

Anthropologist, author and New Zealander of the Year Dame Anne Salmond, Dr Rodney Harrison QC, Tech Liberty's Thomas Beagle and Kim Dotcom will all speak.

Perhaps an indication of what is to come during the meeting, Mr Dotcom yesterday tweeted: "Prime Minister of New Zealand totally out of touch with the people."

The meeting will be held at the Mt Albert War Memorial Hall.

Stop the GCSB Bill is also planning a rally and march against the bill on Saturday, starting from Aotea Square in Auckland's CBD.