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Kim Dotcom eyes seat in Parliament

Published: 7:07PM Saturday June 07, 2014 Source: ONE News

Kim Dotcom says he'll run for Parliament if he gets New Zealand citizenship.

The Internet Party founder's admission came at a selection campaign for party candidates where he had a say in who was picked.

The party candidates spelt out the issues that will make them top representatives at the event in Auckland today.

Candidate hopeful Rob Stewart told the crowd the Government doesn't represent him.

"I'm pissed, I'm disaffected," says Mr Stewart.

"I don't have a Prime Minister that represents me," says Mr Stewart.

Another candidate hopeful Herena Meteka vowed to "modernise schools and the education system".

The performer better known as King Kapisi also put his hand up.

"I'm here to represent the musicians, the artists, the cleaners, the teachers, all the people who struggle," he said.

Dotcom, a New Zealand resident, isn't currently eligible to stand for Parliament, however, he isn't ruling it out in the future.

"If I had citizenship, I would stand myself," said Dotcom.

He firmly rejects any suggestion that his political party could influence extradition proceedings.

"This is the biggest joke of all because if you think that to be true then you are buying into the spin of John Key and his spin masters because this party has nothing to do with my extradition."

However, a top law expert isn't so sure.

"I think Kim Dotcom is out for Kim Dotcom," Auckland University law professor Bill Hodge told ONE News.

"Kim Dotcom has a particular legal interest in not being sent back to justice elsewhere and that's what's driving him."

Internet Party candidate hopefuls will hear if they have been successful in the next fortnight.