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Key's profile soars but Labour inching up

Published: 6:04PM Sunday September 27, 2009 Source: ONE News

The latest ONENews/Colmar Brunton poll reveals Labour is closing the gap on the National Party but the Greens are slumping.

Prime Minister John Key has been dominating the political landscape with his appearance on the David Letterman show and UN speech while Labour leader Phil Goff has been struggling for attention.

Goff is busily trying to shed the politically correct image Labour acquired during its long period in power and he appears to be having only a little success.

In the leadership stakes, Key receives 50% support as Prime Minister and while Goff's ratings are improving at nine percent, Key's are still five times higher.

For party voting, National has slipped a little but is still on 54% while Labour edges up to 33% and Act records its best result this year.

The Greens fall below the critical 5% threshold while the Maori Party fails to feature in the party vote.

With these results National would have 69 seats in parliament, Labour 43, the Maori Party five, Act four and United and the Progressives one seat each.

This analysis assumes electorate seats are held and so without an electorate seat the Greens would be out of parliament.

This month also saw a technical end to the recession with the economy now growing again along with optimism.

Seventy percent believe the economy will get better over the next year while 16% say things will stay the same and just 13% think things will get worse.