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David Shearer says he forgot about UN bank account

Published: 6:49PM Monday March 18, 2013 Source: ONE News

Labour leader David Shearer says he forgot for three years to declare a bank account he held at the United Nations.

All MPs have to declare their financial assets such as houses and bank accounts to Parliament on a register.

Shearer today acknowledged in Parliament that he forgot for the last three years to include in his statement of pecuniary interests a foreign bank account that was based at the UN headquarters, with more than $50,000 in it.

He said he picked this up when he was doing his tax returns. He has declared this to the Inland Revenue Department, but he forgot to declare it to Parliament, he said.

Shearer said his salary was paid into the account when he worked for the United Nations.

ONE News Political Editor Corin Dann says it is a sloppy look.

"By all means it looks like it was just a mistake," he said.

"But certainly if this kind of mistake was to happen in an election campaign you could expect all sorts of trouble for David Shearer. So an important lesson perhaps for him."

Shearer said he has amended his statement of pecuniary interests.