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Please Marry My Boy


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Please Marry My Boy

Please Marry My Boy

This season has finished and Marry My Boy is currently off-air.

About the show:

Four typical Aussie mums had a dream. Their dream was to help their sons to grow up and find a wife.

To get the rivers of romance flowing mum has set up a series of speed dates.

Enter 40 gorgeous single girls looking for love.

It's a speed date with a difference; mum will be joining her son during the date.

It's the first time that we will see the mums in action and how much influence they have over their sons - a relationship that they have forged over the years.

Each mum and son gets the chance to speed date 10 girls who have been matched to the sons.

At the end of the speed dates mum will have to make a tough and difficult decision to choose 3 girls that she thinks would be best suited to marrying her boy and in reality becoming her future daughter in law.