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Wendell Sailor

Banned rugby star

It's been a turbulent past year for Australian rugby league and union star Wendell Sailor. He was banned from all competitive sport for two years after a random drug test showed evidence of cocaine use. The ban looks likely to represent Wendell's final exit from the union stage.

The Queenslander had begun his sporting career in league, forging a stellar career with the Brisbane Broncos, before eventually playing for Australia.

Wendell had always kept an interest in union, and it was a shock to league fans when he defected to union in 2001 to join the Queensland Reds. In 2003 he was part of the Wallabies side in the Rugby World Cup. He left his native Queensland in 2005 to join the New South Wales Waratahs before the positive test result turned his life upside down. 

Wendell says the Treasure Island has given him a new lease of life, making new friends and enjoying an experience unlike any other.

"The Treasure Island experience has taught me to appreciate others, to understand a lot more about myself. Just to appreciate that we live in a pretty good world with pretty good people."