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Returns Tuesday 6 October

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Piha Rescue:

"Piha Deck. You've got a 45yr male pulled from water and commencing CPR is that correct. Over."

Now into its seventh season, Piha Rescue again brings the summertime action at Piha right into viewers' living rooms every Monday night on TV ONE.
Thousands of visitors flock to Piha when the weather heats up to enjoy the sun, sand, surf, and wild terrain. Hundreds of these visitors find themselves needing a lifeguard because the water conditions are rough, changeable, and dangerous.
Piha is the busiest beach in New Zealand, by far.
Being a lifeguard at Piha takes physical and mental strength, good people skills, quick reactions in dangerous situations and the ability to cope with extreme levels of stress. The majority of lifeguards here are volunteers, donating their time to the community. What's amazing is that they've been doing this for 75 years - the club hits this milestone this year.
This season of Piha Rescue sees the guards as busy as ever with record numbers of people at the beach, especially on public holidays. When the surf's up and the crowd is huge it's hard work keeping everyone safe - and the guards do an amazing job.
One frightening new trend the guards see this season is small children left to their own devices in the water. Children are defenceless once they drift into the rips and on some patrols the guards save life after life while the parents remain oblivious.
The first aid room sees its fair share of emergencies - like the day an elderly man has a heart attack on the beach, or when a young man suffers a severe spinal injury after being dumped by a wave.
There's also a welcome return for the Piha surf boat crews, who compete on the national circuit, and travel to France to compete in the (unofficial) World Championships.

Congratulations to the Piha Rescue team nomination as Finalists in Television Categories for Qantas Film and Television Awards 2009!

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