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Michael Emerson is Harold Finch on Person of Interest on TV ONE and TVNZ Ondemand

Name: Harold Finch

Occupation: Reclusive, intensely private billionaire software genius - current job status is unclear.

Special skills: Developed a post-9/11 machine that can isolate the social security numbers of people with either premeditated homicidal intent or who will be homicide victims - from watching surveillance video

Further information: Traumatic event in his own life - details yet to be ascertained.

Intelligence report: Believed to be working with Reese on ongoing investigations, details of which are unknown.

Additional information: Shows the results of severe physical injuries, including the inability to turn his head, rigid posture, and a limp.

Michael Emerson won an Emmy® Award and earned a Golden Globe nomination for his nuanced performance as Benjamin Linus in the critically acclaimed series, Lost – proving that being a bad guy can pay off. 

More recently, Emerson guest starred on Parenthood to great acclaim, playing Amazing Andy, a smart-yet-socially-awkward autistic man hired to entertain at a children's party. 

Raised in a small farming community in Iowa, Emerson fell in love with theater while watching a high school production of Arsenic and Old Lace.  His first public success was in the role of a Swedish lumberjack at the state Speech and Debate competition (Humorous Declamation division).  He attended Drake University on a scholarship where he majored in Theater.  Emerson's slight frame and piercing voice allowed him to specialize in playing old men and eccentrics.

After graduation, Emerson moved from Des Moines to New York, where he struggled to find the path to a professional acting career. Desperate to find some creative line of work, he took classes and began work as a magazine illustrator – a craft he pursued for many years with work published in The Boston Globe and The New York Times.  

Eventually, his dream of acting could be deferred no longer, and he auditioned for a production of Othello in Jacksonville, Florida.  Emerson spent the next five years doing plays in various Southern capitals, supplementing his income with work as a landscaper, carpenter, teacher and director.