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Party Paramedics: Corfu Carnage


About Party Paramedics: Corfu Carnage

Party Paramedics: Corfu Carnage on TV ONE

 Each year many young British holidaymakers descend on the village of Kavos, Corfu, seeking sun, sand, sex and oblivion. This eye-opening film follows the medical team that treats the many casualties.

Sat in the heart of the town's main strip is Kavos Emergencies, a medical centre with a flow of patients like no other. More like a field hospital than a private surgery, the clinic is regularly held under siege by hoards of revellers over-indulging in drink, drugs and fighting.

As Corfu Carnage shows, it's a culture shock for the bemused Greek doctors, who don't know what to expect next - from a trainee accountant who inhales his own vomit, to the mysterious case of a patient covered in a black sticky substance, battered and bruised, with a four-inch open head, and no idea of what happened to him.