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Packed to the Rafters


Sue Ward

Why I should win:

I don't have elastic walls on my house, however my children seem to think I do! There is not a night goes by when one or other and sometimes up to 4 or 5 of their friends turn up for dinner / lunch / breakfast / any other time that signifies time to eat! The spare bed never seems to have sheets on it as they are always on the line drying off in between a member of my extended family needing a bed for the night....I even have their relatives on occasion as well. I have had suggestions that I should place parking meters outside the house, as there is never room on my drive for more than 5 cars at a time! As well as turnstiles on the back door, which leads into the kitchen for dinner, so that multipasses can be swiped on entrance.
Mountaineers would run away from my childrens' rooms; the piles of clothes both clean and dirty need pitons and crampons to navigate. The neighbours think the household is in permanent mourning as the curtains are always drawn, and the dust needs a shovel to get rid of it. My kids even think that putting used cups and glasses on the floor of their bedrooms constitutes putting them in the dishwasher.
So please, seeing as my household appears to be expanding rather than shrinking, is there any chance that you can let me win the big prize so I can have my house back!