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Packed to the Rafters


Maila Hoeksema

Why I should win:

Being part Samoan the word overstayer is a bit sensitive but much joked about within the family circle.Then we have dutch in the mix, So being tight with money isnt true in this instance. Our wonderful son is nearing his 32nd birthday during October. Over this time he has flown the nest on three occasions. Each time,tears on my behalf. At this moment in his life he is keeping company with a very nice lady with three siblings. Anything can happen from here on in. He has always been in work so at least that gets him out of the house. Likes to eat healthy so you know what that means. Helps coach and train a schoolboy rugby team hence the muddy grass stained uniforms become apart of my housework. Would be great if he moved on but not too far away.What is that.? Come here.Go way.