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Packed to the Rafters


Lois Bishopp

Why I should win:

I should win this competition as my daughter Alana has moved 3 times from home, the first time December 2007 back again Jan 2008 with new baby. Second time June 2008 back August 2008 last time November 2008 back again December 2008 .She has now had another baby born June 2009, my house is a small house and is now overflowing with small children and pets (2 dogs and twelve cats last count) which she acquires each time she leaves home, she then leaves them behind for me (the pets I mean). I really love my daughter but for my sanity and financial stability I really need to win this competition to ease her of my house and get her into the real world .It would also help a young mum with two small kids start her own independent life.