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Packed to the Rafters


Kate Gilliam

Why I should win:

It was time to move to a new small home now we were just three.  Mum, Dad and one daughter left, still at Uni but in her final year.   Did all the open homes and even thought seriously about an apartment  - good views, very little maintenance,  no big garden to manage - just lots of time to think and do all those things we had no time or energy for.

Then we got a call from Rob, need to move back Mum,  money tight and really struggling with all the bills, is that alright.  Of course we said yea, so here we go, starting again.  more open homes but with more rooms now and definitely not an apartment as we now need to take in all the furniture and bits and pieces.  Right a three bedroom home.  The a regular call from Aus and Mum I'm thinking of moving back to NZ missing you all too much.  maybe I could move in for a while, while I sort things out.  Yes, of course.  More open homes larger three bedroom home or even four bedrooms and a garage.
So here we are all back together 5 adults all with our own independent ways,  really enjoying being back as a family but it would be great to see them all independent in their own homes again!!!  As for us,  yes our  ideas have been put on hold for a while but hopefully you could help us realise them sooner rather than later.