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Packed to the Rafters


Joanne Smith

Why I should win:

Sung to theme of The Beverly Hillbillies TV Show -

Come listen to a story bout a gal named Jo
Who raised 3 kids but they didn't want to go
Then one day when she sent them to the store
She changed the locks on every single door
Door that is, get the hint, go away.

Well next thing you know her mother passed away
Dad moved in and things are still the same
Cooking, cleaning, chores that never end
Someone "help" she's going round the bend
Bend that is, off the edge, homicidal.

We're Packed To The Rafters.
Well now it's time to say goodbye
To our son who lost his job
He came back home to raid the fridge,
Watch TV, and blob
He's not invited back again
To use Jo as his slave
Peace and quiets all she wants
Not to rant and rave.

We're Packed To The Rafters
DON'T take your shoes off
DON'T you come back now y'hear. 

Photo is of my son Alan and his dad - trying to treaten him to leave. Tee Hee