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Packed to the Rafters


Jenny Coombe

Why I should win:

Help me!!!!!!!!! I have twins 20 year old males, one 14 yr old, one mother and 2 cats and one dog.  One sleeps in a computer room, one in a conservatory with a plastic roof the leaks and is noisey, me in one room and one in another.  My cat sleeps on one couch leaving a 2 seater to seat 4 of us.  The rafters is full of pink batts and xmas tree. The dishwasher broke so of course they all disappear when they are ready to be done . The shower leaks and the vanity is rotten, Had to sell the dining room table cause there was no room. The clothes line is not big enough, the washing and food bills are though!!!!!!! With them two driving im lucky if I go out to the drive and my car is there, when it is its on empty....... The cat ate the cord to put pics onto the computer hence I cant do that and he ate 2 phone chargers and played superman on my net curtains!!!!!!!!! Toilet rolls are always empty and thank god the toothpaste has a lid on It!!!!!!!! They went flatting but came home aga
 in!!!!!!  One is a builder and neva has time to do stuff for, sob sob. I can neva get online much cause they use up all my broadband within 2 days!!!!!!! I spend all day cleaning and when they come home u would swear a tornado had gone through the house in 60 seconds.   I mean look at the pic wouldnt u wan them out lol. I am a volunteer Ambulance Officer but I recently had a minor stroke.  Im recovered well and back with avengence just please help me get them out lol. If you read this email your blood is worth bottling!!!!!!! Ive entered before but thought new question another chance maybe!!!!!!!!! hope hope This is a pic of one of them the others similiar but bigger, they neva together long enuff for a pic together.