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Packed to the Rafters


James Gray

Why I should win:

What am I doing wrong!
Is it too much for a man to ask to be the king of his own castle?
My eldest, Karl, will turn 30 in a few months time. He is often found sleeping on the couch with the heater running, TV on, and surrounded by empty coke glasses and chippie packets. When awake, he wears a track in the carpet between the couch and the fridge, where he stares aimlessly for an age, trying to locate something to eat.
When will he learn that?

The TV remote is mine.
The radio channel is mine
The beer in the fridge is mine unless he buys some, yeah right Don't shift things in my garage I will squeeze his mum's bum whenever I want Pick up your clothes Put your dishes out Tidy your room Don't steel my undies and socks No your girlfriend can't move in
He has just started his own business, unfortunately this will not help his cash flow, so he will be here longer.
To top it all off, when "Packed to the Rafters" started, my 27-year-old daughter told me she now wants to move back to NZ. When asked where she would live, she said, "Chris, the dog and I are planning to live with you."

The answer is NO!
Help! I am desperate to reclaim my roll as King of the Castle.