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Outback Jack

Eposide 7: The final 3 meet Jack's mum

On the way to their penultimate camp, Jack entices the girls to eat green ants straight from their nest. "Eat the green part, that's the ass," Jack adds, as the girls pull down their own to chew on. Maria's the first to try an ant, and she finds it surprisingly tasty. "I didn't know any ass could be as sweet as that ant's ass was."

After the ant snack, the group heads to a place that Jack calls his "favourite vacation spot in the Outback," to meet the "top sheila" in his life... his mum. "If these girls want to win over my heart," he states, "they're gonna have to win over my mum." Marissa's not worried. "Moms love me," she says, confidently.

Jack's mother lives on a homestead on the edge of the river, with a beautiful pool and amazing views. The ladies meet Jack's mother by the pool, with Jack not invited. The questions start immediately. "What do you think is your worst quality?" she asks. "Sometimes I don't take time to stop and take care of me," Marissa volunteers. Right, Marissa. You're so focused on helping others. Maria's look of shock is priceless.

Next, it's Maria's turn. "If you couldn't pick yourself for Jack," his mother asks, "which one of the others would you choose?" The answer is obvious. "I would pick Natalie, because she has a sweet heart and she's always herself." Natalie is flattered, and returns the favour, saying "I love my Maria." Marissa doesn't answer the question in the group setting, but says to the camera, "Honestly, I wouldn't pick either of these girls for Jack." 

Next it's time for a little one-on-one time between our hero and the lovely ladies. Jack takes off with Natalie first, and the two smooch and giggle like a couple of high schoolers. "When Natalie and I kissed," Jack says, "I felt safe. For me, it was electric." Later, when Natalie comments on how the two complement each other, Jack makes a point of how "opposites attract".

Maria gets the next date with Jack, and there's some more kissing. But unlike the date with Natalie, this is more adult rated. "Are you always this forward?" Jack asks. "I need to know that you'd be monogamous to me." Maria bristles at the question. When Jack wonders if she may be hiding something, she admits she is: "The fact that I farted about five minutes ago." Is this a deal breaker?

Finally, Jack meets Marissa down by the water. Jack takes the whole thing seriously, it almost seems more like a job interview than a date.  "I need to learn to trust you," he whispers to her. "That's what's holding me back. I'm being honest, I'm struggling." Surprisingly (at least to us), Marissa tells Jack that he has to pick the one his heart tells him matter who it is. 
When Jack asks his mum for input on his elimination decision, she says that her first instinct was that Maria was beautiful, Natalie wasn't Jack's type at all, and Marissa was "aristocratic" (but still not as beautiful as Maria). Jack confesses that Natalie has somehow grown on him more than the other girls. He even repeats his mantra: "Opposites attract."

He also adds that he feels Maria has been genuine since day one, but that he has reservations about Marissa's motives. "Who can you see me with?" He asks his mother. "I think maybe Marissa," she states. "But look, they're all lovely girls."

Jack is torn by his upcoming decision. "My mother said to follow my heart, but how do you follow a heart that's saying three different things?" he asks.

When the time comes, Jack decides to keep Marissa and Natalie with him, and to send Maria home. She doesn't take it well, crying a river before, during, and after the decision is made, and Jack and his mum join her with heartfelt tears. "Sweetheart, you are so special to me." Jack tells her. "Please understand that."

As the episode ends, Marissa and Natalie, join Jack in a hot-air balloon. They soar over the Outback, towards the finale next week, and Jack's biggest decision yet.