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Williams v Tillman: As it happened

Published: 8:27PM Wednesday February 08, 2012 Source: ONE Sport

  • Clarence Tillman and Sonny Bill Williams. (Source: Fairfax)
    Clarence Tillman and Sonny Bill Williams. - Source: Fairfax

Well, well, well. Noone expected that, Williams wins the NZPBA Heavyweight Belt without taking a punch. In fact he probably suffered more damage at the weigh-in scrap yesterday than he did in the ring. Incredible.

Tillman had supposedly put $1000 dollars on himself to knock Williams out. Wow, rough night.

Williams thanks his Chiefs teammates, especially Liam Messam, who joins him in the ring. I guess Williams can probably play this weekend. I would bet he has had evening jogs more taxing than that fight.

That raps up our rather short live coverage of tonight's fight.

Round 1

Tentative start from both fighters. But Williams explodes mid-round. Tillman never had his gloves up, and Williams connects with a massive left hook. Tillman stumbles around the ring, clinging to the ropes and swinging wild punches at Williams. He is not even close. Williams' salvo continues, and he connects with two straights and a hook before the referee intervenes and stops the fight! Williams wins in the first round by technical KO.


And there's the bell and we're off!

Sonny Bill walks out to a screaming crowd, and takes off his jacket. Wipe the drool off your blouses ladies.

And here's Tillman. Comes out rapping along to Rick Ross' Usual Suspects. Looks pumped, but the pink towel on his head kind of offsets the macho effect.


Welcome to's round-by-round coverage of Sonny Bill Williams v Clarence Tillman at the Claudelands Arena in Hamilton.

The undercard has been ... errr... a little underwhelming. Two of the bouts didn't last till the end of round one, and the fighting was decidedly ordinary.

Let's hope the 'Battle for the Belt' is an improvement.

The fight represents a step up in the class of opponents for Williams, but even that is slightly contentious.

Tillman has six centimetres and 20.5 kgs on his opponent, but that extra heft would be of more use in a sumo wrestling ring than a boxing fight... if you know what I mean.

The Williams camp supposedly chose Tillman as an opponent because he had already been training for another fight. Wonder what he looked like before he started "training."

Ross Taylor is at the fight, being interviewed by Sky , but rules out getting in the ring in the near future. Why would you go through weeks of rigorous training and get punched around, when you can play eight-weeeks of domestic cricket in India for $1.5 million? Smart kid that Rossco.

Tana Umaga is also there supporting Sonny Bill Williams. He says he's not a boxing connossieur but predicts Sonny Bill will win on points.

The main event is about to start, but first they are auctioning SBW's ripped shirt from the Tonga World Cup match... it sells for $6500, witht he proceeds going to Canteen.

Boxers are going through their final preparations now. Tillman looking loose and mobile, Williams tense and focussed.