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Kiwi snowboarder's 'desperate' search for love makes headlines

Published: 7:56AM Monday February 10, 2014 Source: ONE News

The Kiwi snowboarder who has made headlines around the world for her "desperate" search for love in Sochi says she was just having a bit of a laugh.

Olympic snowboarder Rebecca Torr posted on Twitter a couple weeks ago that she couldn't wait to use dating app Tinder to find love in the Olympic village.

Tinder helps users find prospective partners who are in the same area.

A few days later she lamented that "not many Olympians use Tinder... Just wanna match with the Jamaican bobsled team".

Her first message was printed in the village newspaper, and the story was later picked up by British tabloid the Daily Mail , which described Ms Torr as "desperate to find an Olympian lover".

But the 23-year-old has laughed the whole thing off, saying the media has failed to spot her dry sense of humour and propensity for sarcasm in her messages.

"I just can't stop laughing at it," she told TV ONE's Breakfast.

"It started off as a huge joke and it's just blown up, but hey, I guess any press is good press, right?"

Ms Torr says she has since met one of the Jamaican bobsled team, but although he was "the coolest dude", she's "pretty sure he has a wife and kid".

"I'm still single guys, if anyone's interested... No, no, no. I'm just always out for a laugh," she joked.

The Kiwi athlete says she is hoping Tinder has taken notice of the free publicity she has generated.

"I hope that they maybe want to have a sponsorship deal waiting for me or something, because they've gotten some good press from this."

The dating app certainly has heard about Ms Torr, this morning tweeting at her: "How many matches did you get in #Sochi so far? :) Keep Tindering! xx"

Ms Torr qualified in sixth place on Thursday ahead of her New Zealand team mates, but didn't advance after placing tenth in semifinals yesterday.