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Kiwi rowing crew down to one seat

Published: 7:30AM Sunday December 25, 2011 Source: ONE Sport

  • Team Gallagher making their way across the Tasman. (Source: ONE Sport)
    Team Gallagher making their way across the Tasman. - Source: ONE Sport

New Zealand's team of rowers heading from Australia across the Tasman hit more bad weather yesterday putting team Moana in further trouble.

Team Gallagher's mechanical problems worsened but they are continuing on with the voyage at this stage.

Moana have been doing the tango with the ocean waves as they look to go back and forth, round and round, to avoid a huge patch of bad weather sitting in the middle of the Tasman Sea.

Following on from Friday, clouds suggested the best they could do in the bad weather was to head south or south-west to avoid the brunt of the deteriorating seas.

The latest message from Team Gallagher yesterday said: "Just broke another axle. Last good seat sags and drags along slides."

They are left with one operational sliding seat and two non-sliding seats after the boat was earlier battered and damaged.

The crew will be able to continue by fixed seat rowing, much as you would in a dingy, swinging the body back and forth and assisting with the arms.

The drawback to this is they cannot use their legs, the most powerful muscles used for rowing.

For Christmas Day team director Rob Hamill says the crew have requested the words to a good Christmas song.

"I've suggested the Pogues 'Fairytale of New York' which will be on its way to their Skycom satellite phone to begin practicing for the big day tomorrow. Other ideas welcome!" Hamill said yesterday.