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Kiwi BMX rider has bigger aims after triple-flip

Published: 6:03PM Tuesday May 31, 2011 Source: ONE Sport

The Kiwi who pulled off the world's first triple back-flip on a BMX over the weekend believes his best is still yet to come.

24-year-old Jed Mildon nailed the outrageous stunt at an event in Taupo on Saturday, using a purpose-built 20-metre high ramp.

While many would think Mildon would have nothing left to prove, he's already set the wheels in motion for his next endeavour.

"In my mind I've started planning the next project but I definitely 100 percent know the world isn't ready for it," Mildon told ONE News.

"That was a 20 metre roll-in and I could handle going that fast (60 km/h) so I'm pretty sure we can make it bigger and better. I think you're going to see pretty crazy things in the near future and I think this is only the beginning."

Mildon said he first came up with the idea of attempting a triple-flip five years ago but said planning didn't start properly until his sponsor Unit came on board.

"I guess it's only been three months of proper planning for it, trying to fund it, trying to mentally prepare for it, trying to physically prepare for it and it fully paid off."

He spent much of that time practicing the stunt into a foam pit and then onto an airbag, teaqching himself to bail safely in case the trick wasn't successful.

"I always said to my Dad and my family before we went into the day that the day wouldn't happen unless I was 100 percent confident with myself, the trick and what i was about to do."

"There was a lot at stake and a lot at risk so I guess you have to have your calculator out and make sure you do all the equations correct so it all pays off and it's one big risk but like most jobs nowadays around New Zealand before you start your work you do your risk management plan as long as you're 100 percent inside your head then it's looking pretty good."

Mildon said it was a surreal experience as he mentally prepared in the final moments before attempting the stunt.

"I don't really know that much what was going on around but the fact that all I wanted to do was pull really hard off that lip and land three flips which is what we achieved."

"It was pretty surreal landing the triple flip and being the first in the world to do it but it's more the pleasure of achieving the project and pulling it off 100 percent."