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Cameron's punching power resonates around boxing world

Published: 6:32PM Friday July 06, 2012 Source: ONE Sport

Shane Cameron couldn't sleep a wink last night; after all, he was too busy celebrating the biggest punch of his life.

That devastating right hook, which chopped down American Monte Barrett at the Sky City Convention City, was one hell of a blow and the greatest moment of his career.

"Yeah probably is... yeah.... probably is to be fair... it's got to be," Shane Cameron said in a packed dressing room after the fight.

"It's got to be the most excited I've ever been... people who know me know I don't get too excited about things and they'll be going 'hell I've never seen that boy that excited before'".

His pumped up celebration was understandable. It was a punch that resonated around the boxing world and gave the 34-year-old Kiwi options he didn't have the day before.

"I got a text from Adam Booth, David Haye's manager and trainer and (he) just congratulated Shane and the team and he said really good stuff," his manager Ken Reinsfield told ONE News today.

"Him and Haye watched the fight in the UK and said what a hell of a punch so it was a great result.... and it was nice to hear from him, they are a good bunch of lads."

A fight with Haye though remains out of the question in the short term. The former WBC world champion, who Cameron trained with in England leading up to the Barrett fight, is a big fish in a small heavyweight pond.

A rematch with David Tua, who this week signalled he has come out of retirement, has New Zealand box office success written all over it but Cameron has no need to fight a man who had his career temporarily ended by the guy he beat last night.

A fight with All Black Sonny Bill Williams, the current New Zealand heavyweight champion, also has pay-per-view value - in a gimmicky sort of way - but camp Cameron has ruled that out probably based on such notion.

"After that win he should be ranked in the top five I believe of the WBO and obviously he is back in the heavyweight division and if that's where we gonna be and after that fight how can you say (he won't be)," Reinsfield said.

"I mean it was such a complete win and (it was) a devastating punch and just proved to everyone he has that power."

Indeed that punch may have even caught the attention of the world champion Klitschko brothers and in a division devoid of options, one more big win could hand Cameron a fight of a lifetime.

Because in the world of boxing..... anything goes.