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Terms and Conditions


Do not sign this form unless you are sure that any information you have given is correct and you are prepared to agree to the conditions set out below. If you are under 18 years old, you MUST have this form signed on your behalf by either your parent or legal guardian.

1. You are over 16 years old and are required to produce upon request copies of your birth certificate, passport, or such other applicable and acceptable documentation, confirming your identity and age.

2. You have read and agree to abide by the rules, regulations, terms and conditions (the Rules) of Freshly Squeezed Talent which expression shall include any interview, auditioning process, competition and event relating thereto (the Programme) as devised from time to time by the Producer or Television New Zealand (the Producers) and shall accept the decision of the Producer as final and you hereby acknowledge that the interests of the Programme shall override those of any applicant.

3. You have not and will not enter into any commercial or other sponsorship agreement (such as a Management Contract, Recording Contract and/or Merchandising Contract) or arrangement with any person, firm or company in respect of your appearance in the Programme.

4. You do not have any criminal record nor be an undischarged insolvent or of an unsound mind.

5. For the purposes of your appearance in the Programme, you may wear any apparel of your own choosing provided always the Producer fully reserves all rights to disallow any apparel which the Producer deems in its absolute sole discretion to be obscene vulgar lewd defamatory libellous infringing or prominently bears any commercial/company logos, marks, brands, or the name/likeness/image of a celebrity.

6. You shall not bring any weapons, alcohol or non-prescription controlled substances for any part of the Competition and you agree irrevocably to allow the Producers and any of their agents to conduct a discreet inspection of your person and belongings to ensure strict compliance of this condition.

7. You hereby agree that you have truthfully and accurately completed this application form and that the answers and information you have supplied here is in no way misleading. You furthermore acknowledge that the Producer reserves the right exercisable at any time at its sole discretion to disqualify you from the competition or auditioning process should you at any stage perform or behave in an inappropriate or obscene manner, supply untruthful, inaccurate or misleading personal details and information, break the Rules or otherwise be in breach of the terms contained herein.

8. With full title guarantee you hereby irrevocably assign to the Producer (including present assignment of future copyright) the entire copyright and all other rights of whatsoever nature in and to your contribution to the Programme such that the Producer shall be entitled to use and exploit and license others to use and exploit such contribution by all means and in all media and formats whether now known or hereafter invented throughout the Universe for the full period of copyright including any extensions and renewals thereto and thereafter insofar as is possible in perpetuity and you furthermore irrevocably grant all consents and waivers as required by statute to enable the Producer to make fullest use of the Programme without restriction. Furthermore you hereby waive irrevocably in respect of your contribution any and all moral rights which you may have now or in the future including but without limitation any of your rights under the Copyright Act 1994 and the Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act 2008 or any similar laws of any jurisdiction and acknowledge the Producers right to use your name, likeness, voice, biographical details, photographs and recordings in advertising and publicity material.

9. Without limiting the foregoing in any way, you agree that the Producer shall be entitled to:

(a) alter, adapt or make additions to or deletions from the Programme (and your appearance thereon) at its discretion;

(b) make and exploit and to authorise the making and exploitation of any recording or fixation of your appearance separately from or in conjunction with the Programme throughout the Universe in perpetuity in all media whether now known or hereafter invented;

(c) dub your voice in any language; and

(d) include your name, likeness, voice, biographical details, photographs of you and recordings of interviews with you separately from or in conjunction with the Programme in all media and formats throughout the Universe including but not by way of limitation in advertising, publicity and exploitation material.

10. You shall not publicise or discuss with any third party without prior written consent from the Producer any information relating to the Programme, your appearance, any of the production team or any participants in the programme nor any other information which may come to your attention relating to the broadcaster or the Producer or otherwise connected to the Programme save for such information which is already public knowledge. You shall further agree to keep the competition rules and the contents of any documents in relation to the Programme strictly confidential. Should you be contacted by a member of the Press you agree to refer them to the Producers publicity officer Kirsty Shaw, TVNZ Publicist. Phone 09 916 7678

11. You hereby expressly acknowledge that no fees, royalties, residuals or other consideration will be payable to you in respect of any broadcast, subsequent rebroadcast or retransmission or any other use by the Producer (or any assignees or licensees) of the Programme or any part thereof in any manner or media now known or hereafter invented.

12. By your participation, you agree to be bound by these rules and the decisions of the Producer, the voting audience, and the panel of Judges, which shall be final and binding. Your presence at the audition, and the presence of your friends, family members and anyone else accompanying you, constitutes your and their consent and agreement to the recording and use of your and their performance, appearance, name, voice, singing voice, likeness and any musical or sound effects produced by you and/or your family members, friends for use in connection with any television program, motion picture or the Internet for all purposes (including advertising, marketing, promotion, merchandising and the exploitation of any and all ancillary and subsidiary rights), as the same may be edited, in all media, throughout the universe, in perpetuity for no compensation, unless otherwise required by law. You further represent to the Producers, their affiliated, related and/or associated corporations that you/your friends/family members agree that the Producers shall not be liable to you or your legal representative or them for any loss or damage or injury to you, them, your property and their property caused by or suffered during or in connection with your taking part in the Programme, including without limitation, as a result of personal injury, invasion of privacy, libel, defamation or infringement of copyright, unless caused by the gross negligence of the Producer and recoverable on that ground following judgement of a competent court of final judgement.

13. You are aware that the dates and locations of the Programme are subjected to change. You agree that the Producer and/or the production personnel for the Programme, participating television stations, advertising agencies or any person or entity connected with the production, administration or judging of the audition or the program, or any of their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents or representatives are not responsible for and shall not be liable for: (i) any failure or transpiration, bad directions, or inability for any reason to appear at an audition site or audition or appear before the judging panels; (ii) any costs, expenses, injuries, losses or damages of any kind caused by travelling to or from the audition venues, being present at the audition venues, participating in the auditioning process or being selected to or disqualified from continuing in the auditioning process and/or the show; or (iii) any printing, typographical or technological errors in any materials associated with the Programme.

14. You acknowledge that the Producer in no way warrants, represents, guarantee or promise any rewards or prizes other than those specifically stated to the Programme and the Producers shall not be liable to you in the unlikely event that the prize providers do not make good on the prizes promised by them.

15. You further represent that you are not an employee of, or live with an employee of, or am a parent, sibling or child of an employee of, the following entities: Television New Zealand; the judges; the host(s); production team; any prize providers and any person or entity connected with the production, administration or judging of the auditions or the Programme, including any potential affiliated auditions or competitions held by radio stations; and the parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents or representatives of any of the above entities.

16. You agree that the Producer may assign your services and all other rights in your contribution to and participation in the Programme to any of our holding, subsidiary, affiliated, related and/or associated corporations / companies or successors in title and to any other third party at any time.

17. In the matter of interpretation of any rules and conditions of the Programme, the decision of the Producers shall be final and binding on you.

18. Any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in New Zealand.

19. You agree to the terms conditions set out above and that all the information given by you in this form may be used in the Programme at the Producers sole discretion.