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Viktor Zokas aka Renard

Appeared in: The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Played by: Robert Carlyle

Background/Character: Trained as an assassin by the KGB, Renard lost his job with end of the Cold War and due to his increasing mental instability. During his time with the KGB he got a bullet lodged in his brain which will eventually kill him, but also makes him impervious to pain.  He had kidnapped oil heiress Elektra King, but when her father refused to pay her ransom, she sided with Renard.

Affiliation: Former KGB, now allied to Elektra King

Objective: To aim Electra King's plan to secure her oil empire by disrupting rival oil shipping in the Black Sea by exploding a stolen nuclear submarine.

Henchmen: Dr. Mikhail Arkov (Russian nuclear physicist) Cigar-girl (tries to kill Bond who offers to protect her, commits suicide rather than face Renard's retribution) Gabor (assigned to be Sophie's bodyguard)

Encounter with Bond: Bond boards the submarine to stop Renard from triggering the nuclear reaction.