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ONE Bond: Never Say Never Again

Never  Say Never (1983)

Bond: Sean Connery

Directed by: Irvin Kershner

Originally an unofficial Bond film, Never Say Never is effectively a remake of 1965's Thunderball.  A lawsuit between EON producers Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman and the writer of the original Thunderball screenplay, Kevin McClory resulted in a settlement that gave the rights McClory to remake Thunderball ten years after the original film. 

Warner Bros produced Never Say Never with Sean Connery once again reprising his 007 title.  Never Say Never again breaks away from the EON Bond franchise, acknowledging Connery's age as he comes out of retirement for one last mission. 

M, Q and Ms Moneypenny all appear played by different actors.

Plot: Two American nuclear warheads have been stolen by the SPECTRE organisation. 007 is called back from retirement and sent to the Bahamas to track them down.