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Once Upon A Time - TV2

Jiminy Cricket/Dr Archie Hopper

Archie Hopper - Once Upon A Time on TV2

Jiminy Cricket

You may know him from the stories as puppet boy Pinocchio's conscience, always guiding him away from temptation. 

In Fairy Tale land, Jiminy is the voice of reason, always reminding others to do the right thing.

But where did Jiminy come from and how did he become such a wise talking cricket...?

Jiminy's mother and father were con-artists and thieves, fleecing residents of Fairy Tale land of their valuables whenever they could. Jiminy hated their immoral lifestyle and longed to be free but his parents refused to let him go.

After accidentally turning a young boy's parents into wooden puppets (instead of his own parents),  Jiminy was overwhelmed with guilt and he wished upon a star.

The Blue Fairy granted his wish to be as free as a cricket and in return Jiminy swore to protect the young boy called Gepetto.

Archie Hopper

Archie Hopper is Storybrooke's resident psychiatrist who has been treating Regina's son Henry

Though Archie is obviously a man of sound conscience, Regina seemed to be pulling his strings somehow.

With Emma and Henry's help, Archie has realised he had more power over Regina than he thought.  


Raphael Sbarge plays Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper

Raphael Sbarge is an accomplished stage and screen actor from New York, who hails from an eccentric theatrical family.  He decided to become an actor at age 13 and by 16 he had appeared in his first Broadway show The Curse of the Aching Heart.

Sbarge's theatre work is extensive, having appeared in five Broadway shows. He's performed alongside acclaimed actors including Al Pacino, Frank Langella, Blythe Danner and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Sbarge relocated to LA in the mid-1980s and since then has appeared in numerous hit film including Independence Day, Pearl Harbour and Message in a Bottle. He was a series regular in The Guardian and has made over 100 guest appearances in television shows like Big Love , Grey's Anatomy , CSI and Star Trek Voyager.

Fun facts:

Raphael's first acting role was on the newly launched Sesame Street at the tender age of four.

Raphael is one of the founders of Green Wish, a non-profit which funds local, green organisations through donations.