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Offspring - the best moments of season three

Nina Proudman in Offspring

Season four of Offspring is fast approaching its due date, but before it arrives, we've compiled a gallery of some of season three's best moments:

Nina's house fire on Offspring

Nina's apartment burns down and she moves in with Patrick. 

Nina discovers that Darcy is not her real father on Offspring

Nina finds out that Darcy is not her biological dad.

Nina and Billie are only half-sisters on Offspring

Billie realises that her relationship with Nina won't change now that they know they are only half-sisters.

Nina and Darcy coming to terms on Offspring

Nina and Darcy overcome the revelation that he is not her real father.

Nina meets her real father on Offspring

Nina meets her biological father for the first time, Dr Phillip Noonan.

Andrew and Tim

Andrew meets Mick's boss Tim and after a few months of dating, they move to the UK together.

Mick starts working with Rosanna on Offspring

Mick starts working with musician Rosanna.

Nina and Patrick breakup on Offspring

Nina and Patrick break up.

Darcy, Nina and Phillip try to cope with news on Offspring

Darcy struggles with Nina's relationship with Phillip.

Nina meets Adam on a drunken night out on Offspring

After a drunken night out, Nina meets Adam.

Phillip and Geraldine get closer on Offspring

Phillip and Geraldine rediscover their connection, while Nina and Adam share more time together.

Mick and Rosanna have a moment

After their first gig together, Mick and Rosanna share a moment.

Zara goes into early labour on Offspring

Zara goes into early labour.

Alfie is born and Mick and Billie decide not to keep trying for a baby on Offspring

Alfie is born prematurely, and Mick and Billie put their pregnancy plans on hold indefinitely.

Nina and Patrick have a fling

Patrick and Nina have a heated fling.

Rosanna comes between Mick and Billie

Billie starts getting worried about Mick and Rosanna's relationship.

Patrick quits St Francis on Offspring

Patrick quits St Francis.

Offspring season three finale

Zara and Billie give their relationship another go; Billie mends things with Mick and Rosanna; Patrick and Nina reconcile after a pregnancy scare.

Offspring season three finale

Nina discovers that she is in fact pregnant.


Offspring is back TV ONE on Sunday February 2nd at 8.30pm.

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