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NZ Smashes Guinness World Records

Sundays at 7pm

Episode 11

Current Guinness World Record Holder Bendy Skye is back for another twisted attempt at a new record and this time she has brought some friends along!

You may remember Skye breaking the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to pass through an unstrung tennis racquet in one minute in episode 3. Well she had so much fun shes back for another record attempt this time for the longest time for three contortionists to stay inside a box measuring 26 x 27 x 22 inches. (66.04 x 68.58 x 55.88 cm)

Joining her in this cramped space are fellow contortionists Nele and Jola Siezen, known as the Twisty Twins. They will be attempting to break the record set by three contortionists from the USA who stayed inside a box for 2 minutes and 55 seconds in 2001.

Later in the show Auckland Hearts cricket player Katie Perkins attempts the record for the most tennis balls caught in one minute.

Katie was three times ASB Cricketer of the year and voted most valuable player. Her dreams are to lead New Zealand into and win the World Cup.

But for now she will take on the Guinness World Record currently held by Australian Anthony Kelly, who caught 23 tennis balls in one minute fired at him at 100kms.

And gymnastic coach Aramis Leon attempts the record for the longest time to maintain a human flag.