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NZ Smashes Guinness World Records

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The Edge Morning Madhouse Breakfast Crew

Record attempt: The largest human mattress dominoes

Record currently held by: 80 people at the Channel Nine studios in Sydney, Australia, 2009

Record smashed: The Edge Morning Madhouse Crew and their listeners managed to make a human mattress domino chain using an incredible 121 people!

Missed the Madness? Watch the world record attempt for human mattress dominoes on TVNZ Ondemand!


The Edge Morning Madhouse Breakfast crew - Jay Jay Feeney, Dominic Harvey and Mike Peru along with 97 of their craziest listeners will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest human mattress dominoes.

Undertaking an intensive radio campaign, these breakfast hosts have challenged their listeners to join them in this once in a lifetime event.

Spurred on by the record currently being held by an Australian breakfast TV show and their viewers, the Morning Madhouse crew just could not leave this one to the Aussies! 

They are attempting to smash the record of 80 human mattresses by 20 - thereby smacking the Aussies record for six and beating the Guinness World Record.

Jay Jay, Mike and Dom have been waking up New Zealanders on The Edge together for 4 years, with Jay-Jay being on The Edge since day one over 15 years ago.  They are the leading breakfast radio show in the country with 227,000 listeners.
Together they have married strangers and nudists, crashed people's pools, been pierced, stripped off, tattooed, waxed, thrown off buildings and even put together New Zealand's first ever Boyband which went to number 1 in the New Zealand charts. 

They even set a previous Guinness World Record in 2006 for most bras undone in 60 seconds!  These guys love stunts. And the bigger the better!