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NZ Smashes Guinness World Records

Sundays at 7pm

All Star Cheerleaders

Record attempt: Most People Crammed Into a Mini

Record previously held by: Ignacio Sachez Diaz-Calderon - 22 persons, Madrid, Spain, June 2006

Record smashed: 24 cheerleaders crammed into a Mini!


It's always top of the Christmas list - every year Kimberley Ramsay's son looks forward to unwrapping the latest Guinness World Records book.

Kimberley, head coach and owner of All Star Cheerleaders, has always dreamed of being in the book herself.

Originally trained as a lawyer, Kimberley did a stint in tax law with Bell Gully in Auckland before heading overseas on her OE. When she returned she decided tax law was not for her - she wanted to do something she was passionate about.

Her hobby was cheerleading, and she decided to set up a cheerleading school. It is her proudest achievement, "giving people something fun and exciting to do, it brings a lot of joy to people," she says.

There are now 10 All Stars franchises nation-wide, and the elite team came third at a recent World Championship in the USA.

Kimberley featured on TV ONE's Dragons' Den where she was offered a business partnership with Paul Webb and Annette Presley, (but eventually turned them down). More recently her Christchurch team were featured on TV2's Top Town, as the host team's official cheerleaders.

Now the All Star Cheerleaders are attempting to break two Guinness World Records for New Zealand including possibly the most famous Guinness record of all - the most people crammed in a mini.