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Barbara Taunton-Clark

Barbara is a registered nurse, and midwife, and has skills in neonatal pediatric ICU care as well.

She has been a midwife in charge of a country maternity hospital in Winton Southland and also a charge nurse in National Women's Hospital  in Auckland.

With her growing interest in breastfeeding in 1990 she was amongst the first group to sit and pass the International lactation consultant's exam in NZ.

In 1994 she had the first hospital appointed position in New Zealand as a Lactation Consultant at National Women's Hospital.

Now with two children of her own she works at Birthcare in Auckland, coordinating Childbirth Education and Lactation services.

This includes taking a lactation clinic 2 days a week for mothers to attend and providing educational updates to midwives and programs for women and partners.