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Shane Cortese plays Mac

Shane Cortese plays Mac on TV ONE drama, Nothing Trivial

Nothing Trivial - Who's MAC?

Mac is an advertising guy with a heart of gold.

Specialist topic: general knowledge.

Despite the disdain this often causes, Mac is a positive guy, an optimist who genuinely believes in things like honour and decency.  He doesn't even think these things are incompatible with advertising.  He met his wife Jo when they were both creatives, but she left after they had kids and has reinvented herself, as a more worthwhile person, working with the intellectually challenged.

Jo left Mac six months ago for a trial separation - saying she couldn't see a way forward; that he'd lost touch with his kids; had lost his values - and her.  This was hard, but after some struggle (he's nothing but positive) Mac has turned this around.  He's reconnected with the kids, is working less, and has even returned to cooking.  But now that Jo's meant to come back, he's found that she's having an affair.  Even despite this, Mac's still in love with Jo, and is not about to give up, not when there's a shred of hope.  Especially when he has the primary care of their two teenage sons.

Mac is a true romantic, who believes (even though no-one else does) that he'll be able to win Jo back.  But when does romance turn to delusion?

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SHANE CORTESE is one of New Zealand's most recognisable performers with a multitude of television, film, theatre and music credits to his name.

Shane is best known these days for his role as Hayden Peters on five series of the award-winning drama series Outrageous Fortune. Recently, Shane also appeared in guest roles on The Almighty Johnsons, Brown Bruthas, Legend of the Seeker and played the lead role of Brian in Burying Brian. He is also widely remembered for his two year stint on drama serial Shortland Street as evil Dominic Thompson - a character killed off in spectacular fashion.

In 2006 Shane presented the entertainment series, So You Think You Can Dance? and won the hearts of the nation as runner up on Dancing With The Stars in 2005. Shane met his partner, Nerida on this series; they married in early 2009 and have a son together with a second child due mid-2011.
In 2005 Shane also appeared on the children's series Maddigan's Quest and on the film, Inside.

Before returning to New Zealand for Shortland Street in 2003, Shane starred in musicals all over London and the United Kingdom.

Shane fronts his own rock 'n' roll band, The Class of 58, which has played all over New Zealand. The band recently completed a tour of New Zealand's biggest theatres culminating in a highly successful concert in Twin Towns/Australia.

Shane is currently Managing Consultant of the New Zealand branch of Talking Heads ICMI, an international franchise.

A strong supporter of charities in New Zealand, Shane is an ambassador for Variety New Zealand, Make a Wish and The Breast Cancer Research Trust as well as being an avid supporter of the Starship Foundation.

As an actor he's known for his bad-boy roles but in real life his specialist topic is airport codes - Find out more in our
Q&A with Shane Cortese  here.