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What's ahead for Mac?

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Shane Cortese discusses season 2 for Mac.

What is Mac's family dynamic this series, seeing he's going through a divorce with Jo?
Everything is on edge. Mac is trying desperately to maintain the security of having his boys around him in the aftermath of Noah's accident. He is also dealing with the fractured nature of shared custody; Who gets the boys this weekend?  Who does the school pick up? Who makes the lunches? It's a whole new world for Jo and Mac to come to grips with, as well as accepting their new respective partners.

How does Mac's work come into play this season?
Mac had been trying to be more family focussed in season one, but now by default he has had to throw himself back into his work. Financially he feels a huge sense of responsibility to his new business venture and to Smudge, his business partner and friend. Now the on-going expenses of child support and servicing his large mortgage (having bought Jo out) also weigh heavily on his mind. The only answer is to go out and pitch relentlessly for contracts. Some good, some not so good.

What can you reveal about Mac and Catherine's relationship this season?
Mac and Catherine's attraction to each other became blatantly apparent last season. Circumstance meant they couldn't get together but the spark will never be lost between them.  It's a thwarted relationship but the time will come.

How have you enjoyed working with Laura Hill again?
We worked together last almost nine years ago on Shortland St as brother and sister! I did my first scene on television with Laura. I am blessed with playing opposite the best television actresses in the country. Laura is great, I love the sparkle in her eye and cheekiness, she is an old friend and a terrific actress.

What have you enjoyed most about series 2?
I particularly enjoyed working on Beagle scenes because that is when we all come together. This year a lot of our stories have been separate. I have enjoyed that this season Mac has been a bit loose; he is not within his comfort zone. Mac has had to start pushing himself and learn to embrace new things, like 'singledom'.

How have you enjoyed working with various directors and crew this year?
I have known most of the crew for eight years now. I am never nervous on set, I know where I am going and where I belong and that is largely due to having total faith and the crew and directors. We had our first female director on the show this year which was really neat.