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Q&A with Nicole Whippy

Nicole Whippy plays Michelle on TV ONE drama, Nothing Trivial

Click on the image below for a video Q&A with Nicole Whippy

How did you feel landing the role of Michelle?

I was stoked about having the opportunity to play such a fantastic role. It was an honour that the writers thought I could pull her off. 

It's probably the biggest role I've ever stepped into so it has been an intense time but it's also been such a joy to work with professional actors at this stage of our careers. We're all grown-ups so it's nice to be playing with grown-ups in grown-up roles.

How would you describe Michelle and what similarities do you share with her?

Michelle is ballsy, specific and I think she's kind of sexy. She's got lots of attitude because she's got a lot to protect.  I can be pretty ballsy when I need to be and I think a lot of people would probably say that I have a bit of an attitude too!

With any character that you play, you actually share a lot more similarities than you actually think you do. Michelle is all about empowering women, she loves women and while she's not hopping on the 'anti-men train', her mantra is "you're a great woman, get out there and be who you are".  I

 think I'm like that with my friends and the people around me.

Are you a pub quiz fan? Do you have any personal pub quiz anecdotes to share?
Yes! I'm a trivia fan and whether it's pub quiz or Trivial Pursuit or Game of Knowledge - it's all about games for me. I haven't done a lot of pub quizzes but I'm quite a highly competitive pub quiz player.

I have exactly the same specialist topics as Michelle. In fact when I play pub quiz I get 10 out of 10 on pop culture and celebrities.

Your character is a bit of a dog-lover, as you are in real life - how has it been working closely with the dogs?
They're really cute and actually really well-behaved for dogs that aren't trained to be on a set. They're incredibly obedient and love their master and would do anything she says. So she tells them to love me and they do!

They're great, you just keep little bits of food on you and they do what you want.

Who's the most likely candidate on the pub quiz team for Michelle to become romantically involved with?
Brian. I think they're more similar than she would like to admit. They've got a very cut and dry, specific way of looking at life and they clash a lot and from that great conflict could come a lot of passion. I can see it happening.

Nicole plays a woman with two things on her mind - dogs and revenge. Find out more about Michelle here.