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Q&A with Debbie Newby-Ward

Debbie Newby-Ward plays Emma on TV ONE drama, Nothing Trivial

Click on the image below for a video interview with Debbie Newby-Ward

This is your first major screen role - how did it feel landing the part of Emma?

Magic! I auditioned in December (2010) and then just days before Christmas, I found out that I would be getting a recall in the new year.

The audition piece sat on my bedside table the whole time, just waiting..  I never got a recall; just a build-up of long days waiting to hear the final decision, so when I got "The Call" at the end of January, it was an explosion of excitement and also relief!

How would you describe Emma?

Emma is a very genuine character; she is open, caring and non-judgemental.  On her journey through life so far, despite her trials and errors, she has managed to keep her "child within". She has not lost that innocence that keeps a person light and a joy to be with. This can work for and against her, especially when it comes to love.

Looking at the world through these eyes makes her a target for troubled souls as her radar seems to draw them in. Emma is attracted to solving problems and creating light in people's lives, which can cause both harmony and conflict! Emma loves and wants the simple things in life:  someone to love, family, friends and a home; although these things aren't always that simple!

What differences or similarities do you share with Emma?

There is so much about Emma that is good so I'd like to think I had all those good qualities in common with her.  I definitely have a big heart for people and will go out of my way help out. I do tend to see things coming way before Emma ever would, so I guess that makes me more critical than her (or shall we call it less naïve?). Being more critical than Emma isn't hard though - she really doesn't have a bad bone in her body!

Are you a pub quiz fan? Do you have any personal pub quiz anecdotes to share?
To be honest I'm not the biggest pub quiz fan! When I go out I tend to get lost in conversation and become more interested in what's happening in my friends' lives, then I miss the questions.. woops!  But if there is a topic that tickles my fancy, I'm actually quite surprised at how competitive I can get.

What has been your personal highlight?

Tandi, Nicole, Shane and Blair have been awesome.  We are a good mix on and off screen. If there is ever a pub quiz scene and one of us is missing, it just feels strange! I have loads of time for all of them.

Debbie plays a teacher who is good with children and animals - but when it comes to men, picks nothing but losers. Find out more about
Emma here.