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Q&A with Blair Strang

Blair Strang plays Brian on TV ONE drama, Nothing Trivial

Click on the image below for a video Q&A with Blair Strang

Brian is a bit of a comeback role for you - how did you feel landing the part?

I felt very excited. It was lovely to be able to come back to my old employer [South Pacific Pictures] as this was where I started out. I was in two minds about the potential exposure.

These days I've enjoyed flying under the radar so I did have an element of "there's that world again." To be honest I was more thrilled to come back into it because when I read the scripts they were just so full of substance. They were fun and something people of all ages can watch.

Do you share any similarities with Brian?

Of all the characters I've played in my life, Brian's probably the closest. I'd like to think I'm potentially a little more liberal minded than Brian, but he is the closest character to me.  I know Brian quite well because not only is he similar in some ways to me, but in some respects he's also close to a lot of mates I have who are like him. He is the alpha-male. That's it. I am the alpha-male. If I could have an alter-ego, this would be it I suppose.

You also work as a lawyer - how do you balance the two careers?

During the Nothing Trivial shoot, I split my weeks half and half and I have a colleague who works with me and assists me as well, so it's been manageable. It's hard work but I enjoy both.

I've always loved acting and I have grown to really enjoy law, particularly the area I practice which is family, because I love meeting people and helping them out.

Are you a pub quiz fan? Do you have any personal pub quiz anecdotes to share?

Not at all. I've only ever been once and it was when the cast got sent to a quiz night for research! I was best at movies and sports.  I have been invited to go to pub quizzes before and the concept does appeal to me but I don't actively get myself involved in it, mostly because I'm so busy with work.

How do you think New Zealanders will respond to Nothing Trivial?

I hope the audience loves it. Considering what a lot of New Zealanders have been through over the last couple of years, this country needs a bit of entertainment and a good laugh and this could be it.

We all watched the first episode together and for me, the most noticeable thing was the reaction from the cast and crew watching it. They were completely engaged; it's a simple premise but with a whole lot of very in depth characterisation.

Blair Strang plays "an accomplished root rat" - find out more about Brian here.