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Nothing Trivial is a warmly comic drama series based around a pub quiz team of five friends with one thing in common: each is unlucky or unhappy in love.

  • Mac is a father of two, still holding a candle for his ex.
  • Catherine is a busy professional, solo mother and, as it turns out, still holding out for that one big love.
  • Michelle is in the midst of an ugly separation and above all wants revenge.
  • Brian is a commitment-phobe with a troubled past.
  • Emma has an uncanny ability to pick losers and shysters - though all she wants is a father for her children.

Nothing Trivial is good-hearted entertainment, about people who are all at a bit of a crossroads in their lives, particularly when it comes to finding that significant other to love and grow old with.

In order to avoid confronting the big questions, our heroes and heroines get together each week to answer somewhat smaller ones in their local watering-hole - The Beagle.  As they argue and ponder the very trivial questions: flags of the world, music tracks, famous couples through history, we learn more about our characters and their lives. 

This is a series about second chances, and - if it's possible to change when you're no longer young, when you're been burnt, or divorced, or have serious baggage - and are staring at the prospect of 40 and beyond...

Our team might know a bit about life, geography and popular culture, but not enough to answer the really important questions. But when the chips are down, maybe the rest of the team has something to offer. 

Maybe the real answers in life are to do with friendship, trust and love...