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Nothing Trivial


The lowdown on Mac


Specialist quiz topics: general knowledge, collective nouns, British comedy.


Mac is a positive guy, an optimist who genuinely believes in things like honour and decency, despite working in advertising.

Mac has own agency, Illuminator, with his long term colleague, Smudge. Though tough times have meant taking on work for an international drug company.

Mac survived separation from his wife of twenty years, Jo - then went through an ugly custody battle for their two kids. But Jo mellowed after having a late life baby with her new partner, Adam.

Mac broke up his relationship with lawyer, Lauren, when he realised there was only one woman he truly loved: Catherine.

Fortunately, Catherine has realised the same thing and they are now together. Mac knows it’s love, but with teenage children, a lot of baggage and a meddling ex in the mix - can the path of true love run smooth this time?